Saturday, June 22, 2013

Step by Step

Don't Give Up Doodle
Sometimes life has to be taken one day at a time, and sometimes step by step. I've been slowly healing from my last trip to the hospital. While there, they put me on antibiotics which apparently allowed some bacteria in my gut to run rampant, and I ended up having to go through two courses of a really strong drug to get rid of it. In the mean time I managed to get in to see my allergist/immunologist who told me "You are allergic to everything...well, pork and tuna would be OK to eat."

Living on pork and rice with the occasional tuna did get me feeling a bit better gut wise, but then I was feeling lethargic and weak. Not sure if that was part of the healing process or due to my not having a balanced diet. So far I've only been on this elimination diet for a week, but by yesterday I started feeling desperate for something other than pork and rice so I slathered some peanut butter on a rice cake for a snack, and had a sweet potato with dinner. Allergies responded to something, but I'm not sure which it was. So I'll eat sweet potatoes today and leave out the peanut butter to see if I start feeling better or worse. Step by step.

I'm in foodie hell, and I'm trying to stay positive and focus on getting healthy, but i have to admit this constantly feeling like crud is depressing and then finding out I'm allergic to just about everything and trying to figure out what things I can eat without making myself worse has added to that. But today a good talk with a friend before he went to a job interview got me back on track.

I had thought it was Friday and had planned to call a lawyer about updating my medical power of attorney documents, but decided since it's Saturday to relax, watch Spiderman with my loved ones on the couch, make a blog post, and if I feel up to it, to go get a much needed haircut. I always feel better the day after I get my hair cut. Maybe if going to the barber doesn't exhaust me too much we can go see the latest Superman movie tomorrow. Maybe not. One day at a time. I have to remember that.

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