Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slow healing

I have been sick for a long time. Sometimes it seems like just as I start feeling like we may have found a happy balance something else hits. Thankfully they did find a bacterial infection they could treat and that sounds seems to have helped a lot. I am also avoiding most food and sticking to a few foods. My allergies seem to have calmed down a lot, but I would still like to find more answers and get back to being able to participate in life more. Still, it has definitely forced me to focus on the moment and keep it simple in almost every area of my life. Each day I try to have one goal, and to make note of something positive I did or noticed about my day. For example today I set up a Google docs folder for a group of friends updating the Phoenix Trans Resource Brochure. After doing that I rested and tonight after Nick and Patch get home we all plan to watch a movie together that we have each been hoping to see. Carlie is out of town for work, so it will be just the night owls. It took resting all day so I can stay awake for the movie tonight, but I am looking forward to it! Got to make time with friends and loved ones between doctors appointments and being sick in bed. Even if that is just a relaxing night at home watching a movie, it will be fun!

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