Monday, September 2, 2013

Beef Tongue - using more parts of the cow

Since my mast cells have flared up or whatever you want to call it, we have only found a handful of things i can eat without triggering anaphylaxis. The are pork, non grass fed beef, raw sugar, salt, and filtered water.

I have been trying to live simply and as sustainably as possible and reduce my footprint on the world, so previous to April had been reducing my meat intake. But now it is my primary source of nutrients. As such, I have tried to use as much of the animal as possible, animals from local, reputable farmers who can be trusted to tell me honestly what the cow ate too as I react to it if the cow ate grass, one of my true allergies.

Beef Tongue is a great way to use one of the lesser used parts of the animal which makes my local, awesome butcher happy. Simply put here is my simplest tongue recipe and it works with Amy type of animal.

Place the tongue and any connected meat into a large pot or crock pot with 2 cups water and if you can tolerate it, one teaspoon salt. My mother would like a bay leaf in there with it but I have not checked to see i f bay leafs trigger me. Simmer on low heat. We like to use the crock pot and cook it over night. In the morning slice along the side and remove then outer layer (skin) the meat shreds easily and practically melts in your mouth.

If you can tolerate rice, a tablespoon of rice flour mixed in with half a cup of the leftover liquid will make a lovely gravely. you can grind some rice in a cheap coffee grinder or a high powered blender, if you want to mill your own.

Some ways I like my beef tongue: Sliced thinly with an electric carving knife like my grandpa used to. 
Shredded like taco meat.
Small pieces in the left over liquid it was cooked in as stew.

For tacos if you can tolerate rice you can make your own "tortillas" after a fashion or small flat breads and eat your beef tongue on there.

As histamine is said to quickly develop on leftover meat, I split mine into serving sized portions, bag them and freeze immediately. One portion i chop into small pieces and serve immediately as soup or stew (if there is a flour you tolerate) by adding just a bit of freshly ground pink Himalayan salt.

These recipes are in memory of my German grandfather a Charles Carver who loved us very much and taught us sustainable cooking and gardening practices he learned in the depression. He lived by example even raising bees for honey and wax.

Sadly I am allergic to bees and can not tolerate honey either or I would add it to recipes as honey is said by some to help reduce histamine. Many sing its praises buy one tablespoon full of the stuff will triggered me even before April my hands and lips would swell and I would be covered in hives. These days I would probably go right into anaphylaxis.

Thankfully I can still eat delicious beef and pork, and I hope to eventually find even more foods I tolerate. For now I will be sharing some truly simple recipes here and with Jacob for his low histamine cook book.

Carlie loves me but not the feel of raw beef tongue. Thankfully she tolerated it and helped me prepare it.


  1. LOL Love this pic of Carlie! XD I've never tried tongue, but this makes me curious.

  2. LOL yes, she was making faces "ewwww it's a tongue" But the funny thing is, because I grew up eating it, I'm not grossed out. You peal off the skin anyway, so it's just meat inside. DELICIOUS tender meat if cooked properly