Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Radically Simplifying

I am so excited, in the same day, I got my first item for my tiny house ordered, and received this book from a friend. BEST GIFTS YET!!!!

I did several happy dances this day. So far, this book is really good and is challenging me to get back onto track in the simplifying of my life, minimizing of  "stuff" and being as healthy as I can be.

When my first piece of my Tiny House arrives I will take a photo and share more details. For now, let me just say my tiny kitchen will be simple, minimalist, possibly a bit steampunk, yet completely gourmet ready because that's how I role.

The friend who gave me the book asked me to document my path towards building and living in my own tiny home, so I am back to my Bare Simplicity blog and promise to post more often.

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