Monday, June 4, 2012

Introduction - A Simpler Life

For the last several years I have read about, researched, and dreamed of living a simpler life.  Of finding a more peaceful way to live. When I discuss this with Patch and Carlie we always come back to the dream of having a piece of land that is all ours and on which we could have a home that we owned in full. Sure this is still a possibility, but our current situation is not leading us in that direction. Instead I am caught in a culture of consumerism. If the bookcase breaks, we buy another one and that leads to noticing the chairs that no longer match, etc. etc. If I continue living this way it leads away from ever being satisfied with life.

I would like to be happy with my life the way it is, but this always seems like something to work on or something to do when Patch and Carlie retire. Sometimes it just seems impossible and like a dream that would fly out of sight at any moment. It somehow felt daunting to face the current reality of how we live. How strange that living more simply seemed to be more difficult than it should be. Or maybe I was making it more difficult than it has to be.

Recently, a friend noticed my posts on Facebook about tiny homes, tiny living, living green, and the like, and gave me a link to the Simpler Way Report:

Between reading this report and reading about others who had simplified their own lives it became clear that anyone can begin simplifying their lives at any time. One does not have to start over and live in a tiny off grid home in order to live in more harmony with the planet and with oneself.  In fact this, like anything, simplifying can be started immediately, and accomplished in baby steps. Wouldn't it be better to start living simply now?

I have found that blogging about better health through food and cooking has helped to empower me and motivates me to live a healthier life. So blogging about our adventures towards simpler living seemed like a good idea. Bare Simplicity is a place where I will bare my secret hopes and desires. More importantly it is where I will share the real life steps I take towards simpler living, as I take them. I hope you enjoy this blog as it continues to evolve. Please feel free to comment and join in the conversation! I look forward to hearing from like minded people and making friends as we continue on this grand adventure.


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    1. I edited the page to include subscription and blog spot followers. I also added a cloud of labels which isn't really necessary yet, but once there are many posts should help with navigation. Hope it helps :)